Wearing your Kilt

Let us help you step by step on how to wear the highland dress outfit.

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Please take the time to read through this article. It will help ensure you look and feel comfortable throughout your day whilst wearing your outfit. Each step should be carried out in the order as it appears here..

First of all put on your Shirt. If you have a double cuff sleeve this should be folded back with the cufflinks passing through the shirt from the outside of the arm towards the inner arm /(NOTE: Double cuff DO NOT have buttons) Your cufflinks can be found in your sporran. If you have a Dual cuff you will find the eyelet for the cufflink immediately behind the button.

Next your Hose (Socks) and Flashes, Adjust the garters around the bottom of your knee making sure the flashes are on the outside of the leg. tighten the garter so as to secure the sock, Firm but not too tight. Turn the socks down over the garters then double back up, so that the top of your socks should be three fingers below the bone at the side of your knee, leaving part of the flashes still showing.

The ghillie shoes. First cross the laces as you would to start a standard bow, now whilst keeping this knot tight twist the laces around each other five times creating a bead which will lie vertically up the front of your shin. Wrap the laces around the leg and bring them round to the side and tie as normal. your laces should now be sitting immediately below your flashes.

The Kilt, Put the kilt around you with the pleats at the back. Ensuring you have the kilt level with your naval. Take the strap on the right hand side, slide it through the slot in the kilt on the left hand side and secure the buckle firmly but not too tight. Take the remaining strap over to your right and secure firmly. On the right hand side of your kilt you may see two buckles one directly behind the other. Use one or other NOT BOTH! in most cases this will be the one closest to your strap, but use whichever one gives you the best fit and removes any slack from the outer apron. Take time now to adjust the kilt so that the front apron is sitting centered , If done correctly your kilt should sit just below the ribcage and look evenly set as you look in a mirror. Your kilt pin should be on the outer apron of the kilt at the bottom right hand side (dont worry we have done that for you)

The sporran. Place the straps around the back and secure. The sporran is worn just below the belt (if wearing one) or just below the groin area. The space between the belt and sporran should be about the width of your hand.

The belt. (This is optional) put on the belt and adjust to size. The belt should sit level with the top of your kilt

Tie, waistcoat then Jacket - youre almost done

Sgian dubh (Ski n doo) - (thats the little knife!) If your left handed it goes down your left sock, if your right handed - yes youve cracked it


Enjoy your day!!

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A Printer friendly version can be found Here

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