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Similar to the Argyll jacket, The arrochar Tweed (or Crail) Jacket
has a plain sleeve, replacing the chrome button in favour of imitation staghorn.
This day/evening wear Crail outfit is most often seen at events such as ceilidhs, weddings and games, or simply as general day wear.

An outfit best suited to the gentleman that wants to subtly stand out from the crowd!

In This Outfit:

Your Kilt from a Choice of 11 of our own in-house Tartans or 12 from the Cameron Ross range.
17oz Arrochar Wool Crail Jacket & 5 Button Waistcoat
Chrome pearl eyelet Cufflinks

And all your highland accessories..

Dress Sporran and Chain
Leather Belt with Chrome finish Celtic design buckle
Imitation Sgian Dubh (or real if you prefer)
Cream, Charcoal or Black Hose (Yours to Keep)
Leather Ghillie Brogues

Add in a Crisp new White Victorian Collar dress Shirt with double cuff or black for £12 (Yours to Keep)

NEW & EXCLUSIVE Stand out from the crowd by upgrading to Tan Brogues and sporran and give your hire an individual twist, that you wont get from any other store.

Use our "How to measure "guide to assist you in getting your vital statistics just right.

Available Options:

0. Hire Tartan:

1. Tie:

2. Sock Style:

2a. Shoe Colour:

3. Sporran:

4. Shirt:

5. Flashes:

6. Buckle style:

7. Sgian Dubh:

8. Cufflinks:

9. Plaid & Brooch:

A1. Height:

A2. Collar:

A3. Sleeve Length:

B1. Chest:

B2. Kilt waist:

B3. Hips (stack):

B4. Kilt Length:

B5. Shoe Size:


Did You Know
We hire full outfits for kids from as young as 18 Months.

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