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Sgian Dubh (prn='skean - 'doo') is Gaelic for black ("dubh") dagger ("sgian"), as invariably the handle was carved from black bog oak, and the word "black" also implies "covert".

Normally this weapon of last resort was concealed, and only removed in the presence of a host out of courtesy, usually to be placed in the sock where it would be seen. All our clan crest Sgian dubhs are supplied in attractive gift packaging, with general historical notes.

Each of these Sgian dubhs are available in over 125 Clans, and there are over 1,200 Scottish surnames related to these Clans as Septs & Dependants (family names that, through marriage or allegiance, became associated to a particular Clan).

If you cannot find an association to a Clan name then why not try our 'Miscellaneous' styles - available for all to wear.

Approx size: 19.5cm (7.5") x 5cm (2") and available in chrome or antique metal finish and a choice of six stone colours

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