Dry Cleaning

Drop off your Dry Cleaning with Us

We have worked closely for a number of years with our Dry Cleaner to ensure our own Kilts jackets and waistcoats meet our high expectations before they go out on hire.

So we are pleased to offer the same level of care to our customers.

You can be confident that your garments will be looked after and not just your kilt outfit, as you can see from our price list below....


You can be sure when your kilt is dry cleaned through us, every pleat will be emaculately and crisply pressed back into place

How does it all work?

  • .Drop your garments off.
  • Agree a date for pick up (minimum 48hrs)
  • Pay for your dry cleaning on the agreed date when you pick up your items.


What sort of Costs are we talking?

Suit 2 Piece £11.95
Suit 3 Piece £14.95
Jacket £6.95
Trousers £6.45
Skirt £6.35
Pleated Skirt £7.50
Kilt £13.45
Kilt Set (3pc) £19.95
3/4 Coat £8.00
Coat £12.50
Dress £7.95
Silk Dress £12.95
Evening Dress
From £24.45
Blouse/Shirt £4.95
Blouse/Shirt Silk £6.45
Knitwear £4.95
Waistcoat £3.50
Tie £4.45
Tie Silk £6.45
Scarf £4.45
Scarf Silk £6.45
Curtains per kilo £7.95
Wedding Dress
From £75.00
Single Duvet £12.00
Double Duvet £14.00
King Size Duvet £18.00
Suite / Cushion Covers per kilo £7.95


Did You Know
We now offer a tan brogue and matching tan sporran in our Hire range.
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